20 years experience in offering Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Chinese Martial Arts programs
  • Beijing Sport University
    Top sports and martial arts based universities in China! Excellent training facilities and beautiful campus; Offers 4 weeks to 1 acdemic year course in Wushu (Taolu), International Tai Chi Forms, Sanda, and Daoyin Qigong.
    Wushu Taolu, Taiji Quan, Sanda, Daoyin Qigong One Semester / One Academic Year
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  • Capital Institute of Physical Education
    A famous sports and martial arts-based institute in Beijing; provides high quality Wushu, Sanda, and Tai Chi training courses for international students.
    Martial Arts / Langauge Programs 1 week - 1 Academic Year course
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  • Chengdu Sport Institute
    The only institution of higher education of sports and martial arts in South West China that provides Tai Chi, Wushu, and Sanda programmes for international students.
    Wushu / Taijiquan / Sanda Semester/Academic Year Course
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  • Shanghai Sport University
    Here there is a group of dedicated teachers, coaches, and instructors at the Sport University of Shanghai that provide high quality Wushu, Sanda, and Tai Chi study programs
    Competition Wushu Taolu One Semester / Academic Year
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